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Redefining nutrition

and the way you thrive

— one tiny change at a time.

A prescription pill is not going to solve all your problems

Our method believes in taking you directly to your wellness goals, as swiftly and sensibly as possible.

Integrating the latest science with practical evidence based real-world suggestions, we support you from start to finish. 

Everything starts with the decision to change. For all other steps, we will be privileged to be your partner.

Introducing Intelligent Nutrition



The Nutrition Clinic focuses on getting you directly to your wellness goal. We listen to your history, and make connections between the events in your life and your current state of health. Everything you experience in your life has a chain effect — we're here to take the guesswork out of making sure you thrive from here on out. 

Our method uses advanced testing with the latest research on behaviour and habit change to put together a program that effectively identifies your key issues and systematically finds a solution to them.


For many of our clients health start from their plate but go way beyond. Transforming habits, and making tiny changes to get to where they want to be. When your body truly feels good you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Our Process

Meet Your Wellness Team

Your entire profile, from your health and family history, your mental well-being, makes a difference in your current state.

Personalised Health Plan

With pharmaceutical-grade supplements, we create a bespoke health plan just for you with short, and long-term goals.

Advanced Diagnostic Tests

Delve deep into what's going on in your body with a series of tests that help you get the root of your issues. Whether your aim is function optimisation for sports nutrition or to show up feeling your best everyday, our advanced tests help personalise your health experience with us. It's more than just nutrition. Besides food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies and the health of your gut microbiome, we analyse how your body responds to stress as well.

Goal-Oriented Collaboration

We work with you to make tiny changes for your bigger goal.

Data & Tracking

We use data to track your symptoms & make recommendations to support you as you heal using our members-only app.

I came to The Nutrition Clinic looking for help with my eczema.


What I got was beyond just help with my nutrition: with advanced diagnostic testings, I found answers to questions I've been struggling with my whole adult life.


I didn't need to bio-hack my way out of it because I have experts I can call anytime who will alter my supplements and offer coaching for me to live my healthiest life.


After all, what more can you possibly as for?

Faz Gaffa-Marsh, Writer & Digital Marketer

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Our Difference


Your Team 

Break up with Doctor Google.


Get acquainted with our functional nutritionist, habits coach and care team who will help you get to the bottom of your issues and help you get back all the way up.

Better health starts here.


Your Diagnostic Tests


Testing helps us gain a clear understanding of your unique physiology and informs your personalised treatment plan. Health is incredibly personal. Unload your self-research and experience evidence based transformative care.

We focus on understanding what's going on beneath the surface so your symptoms resolve themselves from the inside out. 


Your Results


We use practitioner-grade nutrients and vitamins and give you the tools, resources, and support you need, when you need it...

all with one goal in mind- YOU!  


We go beyond food and address lifestyle factors including sleep, relaxation and movement. 

We Look Beyond Symptoms

You don’t have to accept feeling foggy, exhausted, irritable, and being in pain. With our help, we help you listen to what your body is telling you and find solutions.We know that the body can heal— it's time you experience the transformation.


See our 5* Google Verified Reviews here.



" I saw remarkable improvement in my energy & lifting of brain fog.

I am motivated and charged.


Seeing Pooja was the best decision. Within a month, I started to see the effects and felt great. Never knew I was NOT supposed to be bloated and experience indigestion so often.

Weight loss...

"After 15 years of trying, I've finally  lost 11kg in just two months..."

The best time to prioritise your health is now.  Let us help you figure out  what to do if you’re not feeling well, how to support your immune system and mental health — things that are most important in the world today.

Why Now Is  A Good Time...

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Clean, proven, triple tested.


Whether it's immunity, digestion or better joint health, we've got you covered in our range of pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

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