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Hands on Stomach

Your gut health

We help you regain your gut health naturally... without prescriptions so you can stop being scared of food, live life fully, feel and look your best… especially if you've done lots of tests.

Transform Your Digestion... Transform Your Life.


What we can help you with
Bloating / Gas / Abdominal Pain / Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) / Upset Stomach /
Food Intolerances / Acid Reflux/ Weight Gain/ Energy/ Skin/ Chronic conditions/ Hormonal Issues

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a cycle of health problems?

When one symptom disappears, another pops up... Almost like, your body will never let you get truly healthy?

Are you afraid of eating out, incase you eat something that triggers your stomach? Does your stomach feel bloated all the time? Do you have skin conditions that don't heal?

A lot of our clients, come to us feeling lost, confused and scared of food.

Unsure of what probiotic to take or on limited diets unsure of what to add back in... drowning in confusion from online searching.

It is time to be fuelled & not fatigued, by food

We have helped over 3500 clients reduce 85% of their symptoms within 3 months 

Happy (& Symptom free) clients

"I felt tired, bloated, anxious and distracted most of the time."

"I started to feel more and more energetic, focused, my mind became clear, and my anxiety disappeared.


I felt like myself again, after years of feeling like my body was no longer my own."

Ingrid How

TNC looks at preventative measures as well as a huge focus on identifying deficiencies and recommending the correct nutrition intake which is all very essential in one's gut healing journey.

Charis W

Primarily my wife had a gut issue and no matter to which Doctor we approached no one was able to properly diagnose it and come up with a conclusive answer even after doing various tests.

With Pooja by just talking about the symptoms she was able to give us a fair idea on what could be wrong, she backed up her experience by getting my wife to do some tests and she was spot on!

M Raghurman


The Nutrition Clinic was born out of necessity.


Twenty years ago, Pooja experienced many of the symptoms she sees in her clients today - IBS, fatigue, burnout and most of all hormonal imbalance to the level that caused infertility. 

Pooja created a system to help her own body heal -- and that same method is at the core of what we offer our clients.

We listen to your history, and make connections between the events in your life and your current state of health.


Everything you experience in your life has a chain effect — we're here to take the guesswork out and make sure you thrive from here on. 

Our method uses advanced testing with the latest research on behaviour and habit change to put together a program that effectively identifies your key issues and systematically finds a solution to them.

Find Out What

Works For You

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