Take the Guesswork
Out of Your Nutrition


What we do at The Nutrition Clinic is simple: we cut through all the clutter of (mis)information and get to the root of your problem by providing a solution that’s unique to you.

We provide the science, structure and motivation so you get impressive results.

Here's how to get your journey started

Ad-Hoc Consultations

You get started with us during the first consultation where we'll review your history, your symptoms, and your goals. We will help you understand the journey you can take with us as a member, should you wish to sign up.

You will receive a Foundational Food Guide after your consult. 


Tests which you can take up ala-carte at additional cost can be discussed during your first consultation, so we can best match our services to your needs: 

Food sensitivities Test

Nutritional Deficiency & Gut Test

Body Stress and Impact Test

Comprehensive Micro-Biome Test

The $280 first consultation fee will be waived if you sign up to our membership programme.


Because when you live better,

you live more.


        When you invest in your health, you start to notice real change that filters into every aspect of your life.


Food changes are just the beginning of the fun journey that lies ahead.

We are here to hold your hand through change and systematically guide you to your goal with a plan that’s unique to you.


This is our passion. Let us help you find yours.



“I first saw Pooja in April this year in relation to some gut/digestion problems. Through a series of lab tests, she obtained a complete profile of my gut microbiome (bacteria) as well as of my adrenal health/stress response.


Pooja recommended specific supplements and dietary changes to heal my gut and adrenals and improve the symptoms I was experiencing. After only 3 weeks I started to notice a real change and substantial improvement, which I was very happy about! My symptoms have improved constantly since and I feel so much better now.


I find Pooja’s approach to be thorough yet easy to follow. She is warm and approachable, yet very professional, and takes a genuine interest in her clients and their individual needs – all of which is crucial for their motivation and success!.”


* Google Verified Review

" For many years, I was pinged around from doctor to doctor in the US, feeling increasingly more hopeless as I received continual misdiagnosis and no relief from my symptoms. Despite feeling frustrated, I refused to give up. I continued on with determination to find the answers I was seeking. I first visited Pooja in February 2016. Now, as I write this in Spring 2017, I feel better than ever and have found answers to the questions I chased for almost 15 years.

I can never thank Pooja enough for her expertise and all TNC staff did to go over and beyond to help me. It has been a big commitment to make regular trips from Indonesia to Singapore to consult with Dr. Pooja, but now each time I go it simply feels like I am going to "another home", traveling to visit family. I have never regretted making this investment in my health and believe it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. "

Kelsey Kegerreis

* Google Verified Review

"Before meeting Pooja I used to weigh 125kg now I weigh 84kg I have lost close to 41kg thanks to Pooja helping me.


Pooja changed my diet to healthy diet while sticking to the strict vegetarian diet. I thank her has she has changed my life for good."























Vidhish Shah

* Google Verified Review

The Nutrition Clinic Method




Reviewing You

We conduct an extensive review of your medical history, diet and lifestyle during your first consultation. The Nutrition Clinic method uses the latest Functional Medicine evaluations to uncover imbalances.


We look closely at food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, gut dysbiosis and hormonal imbalances to give a comprehensive map of what’s going on beneath the surface.

Your Personal Plan

We use findings from your evaluations to tailor a programme for your unique biochemistry.


We systematically bring each body area into balance, using food and targeted nutrients. With our support, you will quickly see changes to the way you eat, think and move.

When this happens, all of your energy is transformed into being, doing and accomplishing instead of worrying about how you look or if it’s normal to feel so tired.

Supporting You


You'll come back to the clinic for the appointments you need, when you need them. We'll coordinate every aspect of your care, including nutrition counselling, lab testing and Functional Medicine coaching to help you make simple changes to your daily habits.


We bring the best of nutrition and Functional Medicine where cravings and anxiety are gone, aches and pains can be forgotten, and in their place, the possibilities for what can be achieved await.

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The support system to help

you create the life you're after.


Very often, we know what we want — but we don't know how to get to it. When it comes to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that will benefit you in the long run, we've got it sorted.

Tiny changes, two experts and one goal — you.