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Kayaking into Sunset

Take charge of your health.

How do you feel? But more importantly how do you want to feel?  

Start 2023 feeling limitless.

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a web of confusion? Unsure what you need to do to loose weight, fix bloating and not feel so exhausted of all the time?  
At The Nutrition Clinic, this is what we do best. Over the last 10 years, we've helped over 3500 people optimise their health.


Why a 3 month program? Because our data shows more than 85% of our clients reduce their symptoms within 3 months.


We don’t care what worked for your friend. 
We care what works for you. 


Get a food and lifestyle plan for your unique needs. We use lab testing to create a plan designed for you.

You don’t have to accept feeling foggy, exhausted, irritable, and being in pain. 

We'll uncover:

What foods might be causing YOU inflammation?

What’s happening with your neuro-transmitters?

(Is this why I feel so moody and anxious?)

If your detoxification system switched on

(Is this why I can’t tolerate wine anymore?) 

If your energy system efficient?

(If it’s not you’ll be tired from morning to night) 

If your metabolic function is switched on?

(Burning fat or just getting fat?) 

What nutrients and anti-oxidants you’re deficient in?

Your stress and sleep story?

(Are you thriving or slowly burning out?)

And that’s just a start. 

Introducing the 3 month intensive programme

Optimise your health and prevent future health issues

Tests included in the 3 month intensive

It meets the human need to know what's happening inside the body and mind. 


Body Stress and Sleep Test

Measures how your body responds and recovers from acute and prolonged stress. This impacts sleep, energy, and metabolic processes related to weight issues.


Food Sensitivity Test

Tests for foods that cause a level of inflammation in the body. Food sensitivities can lead to digestive issues, headaches, skin problems, excess weight, water retention, and bloating.


Deficiency & Gut Microbiome

Measures 76 markers covering gut microbiome assessment, vitamin deficiencies, and the body's capability to detoxify, burn fat, produce energy and neurotransmitters.

Start 2023 on top of your game

No more late-night symptom searches.
Get expert care 
based on your biochemistry, not generic advice.

Google Verified Reviews

"TNC  helped me diagnose the nutritional support for my autoimmune conditions.


By doing the right tests, analysing the findings, and then prescribing the right nutritional support for my health. I have not felt this energized and healthy in over a decade and cannot thank TNC enough for their thoughtful and exceptional treatment.


Every tip offered has made a marked difference in my wellness"

Sumita A. 

"I cannot recommend TNC enough! Such a wonderful group of people who are committed to helping each client meet their individual needs. For years I struggled with low energy, weight gain and sleep issues. TNC takes an all encompassing approach to wellness - it’s not just someone putting you on a diet.


They help you make small changes which add up to some big results! I have been seeing Bonnie and Pooja for 5 months now and feel like a new and improved version of myself. Fong makes life so easy and helps arrange everything conveniently. I can honestly say that meeting these women changed my life!

Mia H. 

"I came to The Nutrition Clinic looking for help with my eczema. 


What I got was beyond just help with my nutrition: with advanced diagnostic testings, I found answers to questions I've been struggling with my whole adult life.


I didn't need to bio-hack my way out of it because I have experts I can call anytime who will alter my supplements and offer coaching for me to live my healthiest life. 


After all, what more can you possibly ask for?"

Faz G.M

Questions about joining? Let's Chat. 

Our care team can  help answer all of your questions—and explain how The Nutrition Clinic helps 80% of its members reduce their symptoms within 3 months.

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